[New Chapters][Chapter 8/9: Providence/Revolutionists]-Forever Friends

Hey everyone, I’m sure none of us were expecting I’d be back so soon, but today I bring not one, but two new chapters of Forever Friends! I had an amazingly productive day yesterday and churned these both out in just about about 3-4 hours per chapter. It introduces more of Diana and Clyde, their nation of Providence and the current state of it. We also learn a lot about the past and what actually happened on that fateful day Diana can never forget.  Chapter 9 focuses on introducing the final faction not discussed in chapter 8 as well as introduces us to the second main couple of this second half. The next chapter will be about them and their lives as it is now and progress us towards the climax of the story. I can only hope I’ll continue to be as productive and if I am, this story may reach it’s end in just one more month or so rather than several. Though my other side projects might slow me down again…. Regardless, I do hope you’ll enjoy and thanks as always.

Chapter 8 Snippet:


“That’s the key word, DEMAND. She demands it of them and so there is this notion of inferiority between them and her. They respect her out of fear of her wrath, not because they are grateful to her for helping them exist. Not like my Mom, who they adore and respect as well. They probably respect her even more than Lena. That’s not because she demands it of them, she earns it. She makes them feel like they deserve to be respected too and aren’t just tools towards an end goal. She talks to them, engages them, and just all around treats them like they are on the same level as she is, rather than make them feel inferior. The FFs know they are not human and they are not trying to be. They are content making their partners happy, but they also want to have the same opportunities afforded to them. They want to be able to attend school and get a job and have aspirations just like a human would. They don’t want to be human, they want to FEEL human. That’s what my Mom aspires to accomplish now. A full integration, such that the FFs will be seen as independent lives deserving of dreams and opportunities too. That they can be assigned to a partner and enrich their lives for the better, while also having their lives enriched in return and truly building memories as a partnership. Soulmates. That’s what it comes down to.”

Chapter 9 Snippet:

He suddenly has a look of guilt. “I wish I could say I was that honorable, but honestly, I’m not. It is lonely and having to go through this alone for the last several years has been so hard. Not to mention, having to suddenly care for another life in these rough times, it was too much for me. As though fate made it so, I met an old friend who ended up down here too and while we couldn’t hit it off in the past, it all just seemed to come natural this time. She gave me the comfort and support I needed and is helping me raise my child. I couldn’t be more grateful to have her in my life, but I also feel immense guilt, knowing I’m moving on without Morgan, who is still my wife, but only the shell she left behind. I can’t abandon her, because it’s my fault she became like this. I convinced her to run away, making her believe that things would be better. I was wrong. Honestly, she would have been better off going to meet Leo in death, rather than live as a corpse.”


[New Chapter][Chapter 7: Diana and Clyde]-Forever Friends

Hey everyone, here’s the newest chapter of FF! Read it here! This chapter introduces our main couple for the 2nd half, who I really love and I hope you will too. It’s a bit sad in parts, but the reveal at the end is pretty exciting and unexpected I think. We’ll get to see them much more next chapter, when they show us what they can really do.  The next chapter will be out next month at the latest and if I can I want to try and get the next one after, where we meet our second main couple, posted with it, but time and other constraints make that a bit more difficult.  Either way, the next Chapter will definitely be released sometime in September. So look forward to it!

Also, on a side note, I’ve got some other projects in the works, but will only be sharing on Patreon for the time being, so keep that in mind. Until next time, thanks as always!


However, Diana can feel no satisfaction. She’s conflicted, wanting to be happy that the world has gotten better, but she can’t help but wonder if they’ve actually made any progress. Has the world truly become a better place or have they simply traded in their steel prisons for padded ones? Above all, she can never forget that everything is her fault. She started this chain of fire and now she’s being burned for it. It’s what she deserves; she’s a murderer after all…Diana lies on the ground, the rain that just began to pour, drenching her to the very core in every sense. She cries, her head filling with visions of long ago, when she became a murderer. Clyde watches her from the darkness, wishing to console her, but she was quite clear on wanting him to stay away, but never so far that he’s out of reach. She wants to be loved, but she doesn’t think she deserves it, so she pushes it away. She pushes him away and it hurts him deeply.

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The Day is officially upon us, as I am officially starting my promotion for my published Romance Novel Bound. It’s been officially published for many months now, but a lot of the previous editions were just me feeling out the process and finalizing everything. I’ve finally reached a level of satisfaction with it and so now it’s time to promote it. Considering this novel was published and edited independently by only me, it may not be perfect, but considering this fact, I think it’s pretty darn good. I have full confidence that my novel has a good story and has reached professional standards. However, having official reviews from readers would confirm this. But first, have a sneak peek at the book!


20170806_16282820170806_16284420170806_16285620170806_162949 1

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Bound (2nd Edition) Available on Amazon!

Hey everyone. I’d like to officially announce that I’ve edited Bound, my Romance novel and updated the cover, all to better fit the tone of the story. This is what I consider my 2nd Edition, though the link for purchase in the Amazon store remains the same. In case you need a reminder, here’s the synopsis and the new cover. The links will follow after.

Bound (4)

Jenevieve Barlow is a young woman with a tragic past, always seeming to lose the things she loves. After the death of her best friend, Jenny finds herself lost and barely living. Then she meets Kale and suddenly her life is filled with color once more. However, Kale doesn’t come without his fair share of baggage, the biggest being the son of a Business Tycoon, though he doesn’t wish to inherit the burden. They fall in love, but there are many forces at work pushing them together and pulling them apart, which leads them on a long journey that tests just how far they are willing to go to be together. They will be forced to ask themselves, once you are bound in friendship, love, responsibility and even death, can you ever really be free and do you even want to be?

Buy it from the Amazon store in print and ebook at the following link. Thank you and please enjoy and please share!

[New Chapter][Chapter 6: Prelude to a New Age]-Forever Friends

Hello everyone, I’ve just published Chapter 6 of Forever Friends and it can be read on Movellas here. This is the final chapter in the first half of the story as the second and final half will take on a whole new tone and introduce new characters and pairs. Where the first half was like a beginning of sorts, the second half will ride the unseen climax down to a fitting conclusion, which will reveal the climax. This second half is basically where the mystery aspect will come in, but it will not be the main focus. The primary focus will stay true to the plot and title, focusing on the Forever Friends and the humans they are matched to as well as the good and bad consequences of them. I hope you have enjoyed the first half so far and the relationships between the two main couples. They will take a step back now to allow the new pairs to step forward, but they will return by the story’s conclusion as the past and the present collide. Thanks as always for reading and please enjoy.


Tessa looks embarrassed, but says nothing. Percy realizes that they revealed a very personal issue between them and that it’s only because they trust him that they’d dare reveal such a thing to a journalist. “Well, I’m still envious of you two. Sadly, Victor and I did not have such a resolve. Sometimes though, I do wonder if I acted too rashly. Maybe we should have tried to talk it out a bit more before letting it get that serious. I honestly regret my hastiness to turn him in that night. I wanted him to suffer and realize what a good thing he lost, but I don’t think he even cares that much. I doubt he regrets anything he did. That’s what hurts the most. It feels like it was all for nothing and now we’re ruined forever. I can’t see us ever reconciling because I betrayed him. The thing is, I know he still loves me, he’s said it, but it’s because of that very fact that I think is why he’ll never forgive me. I feel like a loser, acting big and bad for show, but in reality, if I’m being honest, I just want him to say he wants to start over. If he were to tell me that, I wouldn’t deny him. If only he’d ask, but he won’t, no matter how much I want it. Do you think that makes me weak? To be the one to end things and then be the first to want it back?”

[New Chapters][Chapters 4/5: Victor/Guessing Games]-Forever Friends

Hey everyone, Happy 4th! Today I bring you chapter 4 and 5 of my sci-fi novel, Forever Friends. Read them on Movellas here. Thanks as always and enjoy. I’ve also posted snippets from each chapter as usual.

Chapter 4 Snippet:

He opens the door and prepares to walk out, but peeks back to look at Percy and is almost struck with fear at what he sees. His usually bright and animated Percival, looks down with an expression full of anguish, pain and anger. He looks up slowly at Victor, tears still in his eyes and with a serious and haunting tone voice he says, “if you walk out that door Victor, I will never forgive you. I will curse you for all eternity and see to it that you never find happiness again. I don’t want to hurt you, but you’ve hurt me too much to care anymore. This is my final ultimatum. Stay here with me and let go of this foolish quest, or leave and destroy our happiness forevermore. What will it be?”

Chapter 5 Snippet:

“You make it sound like we’re going to force the humans to submit to this program or something. I want the people to know that although we believe this will lead the greatest level of happiness, they are not obligated to register. I’ve always designed this to be a voluntary program, so that people can decide for themselves if this is the kind of future they want. The day we lose our free will, is the day that we will no longer be considered human. You agree, right darling?”

Lena is silent for a moment, but then smiles and says, “of course babe, of course.”


[New Chapter][Chapter 2/3: Simon/Project Harmony]-Forever Friends


Hey everyone. Here’s Chapter 2 and 3 of Forever Friends. I  hope you enjoy them! I’ve also put some snippets below from each.



“Well, I wouldn’t say that Simon, because you’re special. Realism is what we’re going for of course, but the others, are never to believe they’re human. The purpose of all who follow you will be plain and simply to be the perfect lifetime companion. Your kind will become whatever they so desire, you will do whatever they request of you and you will devote your very existence to making them happy in such a way that they will never feel unfulfilled and therefore will be able to live as productive members of society. They will have no need to victimize others to get what they want from them, because your kind will already be providing it for them. They are essentially their other halves. They are their best friends, lovers and soulmates all in one package, and they will have them starting from infancy. They will be, their Forever Friends.”

“Then, will I also become a Forever Friend for another master, Master?” Simon asks.

“No, because you’ll be different from them Simon. I’ll never say this of any other humanoid, but I’ll make the exception for you. There’s no doubt that you, Simon, are human.”


“To us, this was what it meant to be soulmates, but we realized one fundamental flaw. Humans are rarely this perfect and even if they exist, they are almost impossible to find and most never do. We realized that at the root of all human nature, there is above all, the desire to be understood on a deeper level than ourselves. We want to connect and so we look for ourselves in others and we don’t find what we are looking for, we tend to hurt the other person, almost in spite of our own frustration. We take all our anger out on them and this is what causes such terrible heartbreak and pain between many failed couples. It’s what leaves to vengeful acts and mistreatment of others. When we are miserable, we want the rest of the world to be miserable too and this herein lies the biggest flaw of humanity. We want to be greater than what we are.”

[New Story][Chapter 1: Prologue]-Forever Friends

Hello everyone, I’m back! I’ve brought a brand new story with me.  This story continues in the Science Fiction genre, as my previous work did, but this looks at an entirely different aspect and focuses much more on interpersonal connections and world building, over straight romance. This is why I have not tagged it specifically as girls love, boys love or otherwise. It’s a romance, but only secondary to the Sci-Fi aspect and the romance is also more broad. I really want to push the point that love has no gender, it just is and can be between anyone who’s fortunate enough to experience it. So rather than me go on telling you about it, why not see for yourself by reading the first chapter, that is now up on Movellas here or on Wattpad here. I’ve also posted the cover, synopsis and a snippet below. I hope you will enjoy this new story, which I am happy to say has already received a favorable review within just two hours of having posted this chapter. It really made my morning. Thanks everyone and I hope you all are doing well.

Forever Friends

Synopsis: What if you could meet your best friend, soulmate and lifetime partner in a single person by the time you’re one years old? It may seem like an impossible dream, but with the creation of Forever Friends, it’s finally become a reality. These perfectly realistic androids are so human, that it’s impossible to differentiate them from normal humans. The best part is that because these Forever Friends are linked to you in infancy, they will learn and grow with you every step of the way and become your perfect friend with the same hobbies, interests and desires. Add the fact that the government gives equal rights to every citizen, your life will be perfectly happy and free from selfish desires. Designed by two young girls with a dream of peaceful lives for all and an end to all world conflicts, Project Harmony was instated universally. However, is this the future Tessa and Lena wanted or will they find that they’ve only encouraged blissful ignorance and enslavement by our darkest desires?


He watches as Lena smiles warmly at Tessa, her peach skin seemingly glowing, as her pale green eyes suddenly go from intense, to kind. She looks very feminine, despite having short, strawberry blonde hair. Tessa however, looks very different. The most noticeable at first glance is her darker skin, like the richest of caramel followed by her deep brown, curly hair, that just reaches her neck. She looks back at Lena with her chestnut eyes full of awe. “Love.” The girls look back at him, as though just remembering he was there. “You are showing love. That is love, right master? You and other master are lovers? Are you married masters?” He asks curiously.

Tessa laughs. “Well, we are lovers, as well as best friends and so much more, but sadly we have not reached that stage of our lives yet. Maybe one day though.” Tessa smiles kindly at him and he smiles back in return…Tessa smiles and touches him in the center of his chest. “This. This is love. That muscle in the center of your chest is love. Yes, Lena and I love each other with the romantic kind, but there are many kinds of love. You can love many people in different ways and that is the greatest aspect of us that makes us human. If you can love, no matter how terrible others may be to you, then you will become a better human than most. Love starts in the heart, never forget that.” She smiles once again at him and he feels his chest grow heavier, surely from the kindness she has shown.

[Final Chapters][Chapter 7/8: For Whom the Bell Tolls, I Give love Everlasting/Epilogue]-The Valkyrie War (Book 2)

Well folks, the day is here. With these two chapters, the Valkyrie War is complete and so is the Valkyrie Series. Check out the chapters here!

The finale was quite intense, and a lot happened, but I bet the final scenes were unexpected. Or maybe they were, but either way, there were major developments. To be honest, I was scared to write the end, because I was worried about how it’d be received. If people were as connected to certain characters as I was, the end will be a bit painful, but it can also be beautiful depending on how you look at it. I tried my best to show that beauty and so I hope it’ll be well received. However, I know that some people may not care for it and if that is the case, I do apologize to those people,  but I don’t regret my decision in the end. To me, this end was inevitable and I can’t think of a more appropriate way to end it. I’m certainly curious to know what readers think, so feel free to share. Also, the Epilogue is especially interesting and could hint at future developments, so be sure and read it.

So…what comes next? I’m sure that’s what you all will wonder and the honest answer is, a break. After spending the last two years working on three long series simultaneously, I need a nice break from the stress. Writing, for me, is a double edged sword. It can be a stress reliever, but also a stressor if I get overwhelmed or suffer a block. I’ve got so many new ideas and eventually I’ll get them on paper, but for now, I’m going to take a break. Maybe catch up on shows and anime I’m behind on or even some games. I’m also about to be a working woman (finally), so that’ll also cut down my time. However, do understand that my writing will never stop and I’ll be back at it soon enough. Fan-fiction is also on the horizon, so get excited for that as well.

Finally, I just want to take this moment to thank everyone who’s been following the series, read it or even just supported me. I really appreciate it and when I recieve comments on my stories or posts, I’m so very happy. So seriously, thank you and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

[New Chapter][Chapter 6: When Everything Ends, the Toll is Paid, and the Angel of Death Shall Rise]-The Valkyrie War (Book 2)

Hey everyone! I’ve been able to get Chapter 6 done in just two days, a new record for me with this story! Check it out on movellas here! I’m just so excited for the developments and for the conclusion, which I still haven’t figured out exactly, crazy as it sounds lol. Despite this, I plan to write the final chapter over the next couple of days and perhaps the Epilogue as well. By the weekend, I’d like to close out the story, so let’s see how much I can keep up this current momentum. This chapter was pretty intense and lead to quite the confrontation(s). I hope you guys will enjoy it though and I’m pretty sure the finale will prove satisfactory too, though it’s probably not going to end how you think. It has that pesky tragedy tag after all…. Don’t be deterred however as even tragedies can have good endings. I’ll leave you to ponder that…

Also, just as a side comment, I never have wished I could draw more than I do right now as I would love to draw Elli as she looked in this chapter. I think I described her well and got the point across, but I’m not sure if my words could quite captured the level of hotness that she exudes in my head. (In case you didn’t realize, Elli’s my favorite… Don’t tell Amelia that though!) No, I love Amelia too, of course. Look forward to Amelia’s updated look, coming next chapter right at the start. She’ll look pretty good too I’m sure, but that Elli though….Okay, enough of me fangirling over my own heroines, please enjoy the chapter!