[New Chapter][Chapter 2/3: Simon/Project Harmony]-Forever Friends


Hey everyone. Here’s Chapter 2 and 3 of Forever Friends. I  hope you enjoy them! I’ve also put some snippets below from each.



“Well, I wouldn’t say that Simon, because you’re special. Realism is what we’re going for of course, but the others, are never to believe they’re human. The purpose of all who follow you will be plain and simply to be the perfect lifetime companion. Your kind will become whatever they so desire, you will do whatever they request of you and you will devote your very existence to making them happy in such a way that they will never feel unfulfilled and therefore will be able to live as productive members of society. They will have no need to victimize others to get what they want from them, because your kind will already be providing it for them. They are essentially their other halves. They are their best friends, lovers and soulmates all in one package, and they will have them starting from infancy. They will be, their Forever Friends.”

“Then, will I also become a Forever Friend for another master, Master?” Simon asks.

“No, because you’ll be different from them Simon. I’ll never say this of any other humanoid, but I’ll make the exception for you. There’s no doubt that you, Simon, are human.”


“To us, this was what it meant to be soulmates, but we realized one fundamental flaw. Humans are rarely this perfect and even if they exist, they are almost impossible to find and most never do. We realized that at the root of all human nature, there is above all, the desire to be understood on a deeper level than ourselves. We want to connect and so we look for ourselves in others and we don’t find what we are looking for, we tend to hurt the other person, almost in spite of our own frustration. We take all our anger out on them and this is what causes such terrible heartbreak and pain between many failed couples. It’s what leaves to vengeful acts and mistreatment of others. When we are miserable, we want the rest of the world to be miserable too and this herein lies the biggest flaw of humanity. We want to be greater than what we are.”

[New Story][Chapter 1: Prologue]-Forever Friends

Hello everyone, I’m back! I’ve brought a brand new story with me.  This story continues in the Science Fiction genre, as my previous work did, but this looks at an entirely different aspect and focuses much more on interpersonal connections and world building, over straight romance. This is why I have not tagged it specifically as girls love, boys love or otherwise. It’s a romance, but only secondary to the Sci-Fi aspect and the romance is also more broad. I really want to push the point that love has no gender, it just is and can be between anyone who’s fortunate enough to experience it. So rather than me go on telling you about it, why not see for yourself by reading the first chapter, that is now up on Movellas here or on Wattpad here. I’ve also posted the cover, synopsis and a snippet below. I hope you will enjoy this new story, which I am happy to say has already received a favorable review within just two hours of having posted this chapter. It really made my morning. Thanks everyone and I hope you all are doing well.

Forever Friends

Synopsis: What if you could meet your best friend, soulmate and lifetime partner in a single person by the time you’re one years old? It may seem like an impossible dream, but with the creation of Forever Friends, it’s finally become a reality. These perfectly realistic androids are so human, that it’s impossible to differentiate them from normal humans. The best part is that because these Forever Friends are linked to you in infancy, they will learn and grow with you every step of the way and become your perfect friend with the same hobbies, interests and desires. Add the fact that the government gives equal rights to every citizen, your life will be perfectly happy and free from selfish desires. Designed by two young girls with a dream of peaceful lives for all and an end to all world conflicts, Project Harmony was instated universally. However, is this the future Tessa and Lena wanted or will they find that they’ve only encouraged blissful ignorance and enslavement by our darkest desires?


He watches as Lena smiles warmly at Tessa, her peach skin seemingly glowing, as her pale green eyes suddenly go from intense, to kind. She looks very feminine, despite having short, strawberry blonde hair. Tessa however, looks very different. The most noticeable at first glance is her darker skin, like the richest of caramel followed by her deep brown, curly hair, that just reaches her neck. She looks back at Lena with her chestnut eyes full of awe. “Love.” The girls look back at him, as though just remembering he was there. “You are showing love. That is love, right master? You and other master are lovers? Are you married masters?” He asks curiously.

Tessa laughs. “Well, we are lovers, as well as best friends and so much more, but sadly we have not reached that stage of our lives yet. Maybe one day though.” Tessa smiles kindly at him and he smiles back in return…Tessa smiles and touches him in the center of his chest. “This. This is love. That muscle in the center of your chest is love. Yes, Lena and I love each other with the romantic kind, but there are many kinds of love. You can love many people in different ways and that is the greatest aspect of us that makes us human. If you can love, no matter how terrible others may be to you, then you will become a better human than most. Love starts in the heart, never forget that.” She smiles once again at him and he feels his chest grow heavier, surely from the kindness she has shown.

[Final Chapters][Chapter 7/8: For Whom the Bell Tolls, I Give love Everlasting/Epilogue]-The Valkyrie War (Book 2)

Well folks, the day is here. With these two chapters, the Valkyrie War is complete and so is the Valkyrie Series. Check out the chapters here!

The finale was quite intense, and a lot happened, but I bet the final scenes were unexpected. Or maybe they were, but either way, there were major developments. To be honest, I was scared to write the end, because I was worried about how it’d be received. If people were as connected to certain characters as I was, the end will be a bit painful, but it can also be beautiful depending on how you look at it. I tried my best to show that beauty and so I hope it’ll be well received. However, I know that some people may not care for it and if that is the case, I do apologize to those people,  but I don’t regret my decision in the end. To me, this end was inevitable and I can’t think of a more appropriate way to end it. I’m certainly curious to know what readers think, so feel free to share. Also, the Epilogue is especially interesting and could hint at future developments, so be sure and read it.

So…what comes next? I’m sure that’s what you all will wonder and the honest answer is, a break. After spending the last two years working on three long series simultaneously, I need a nice break from the stress. Writing, for me, is a double edged sword. It can be a stress reliever, but also a stressor if I get overwhelmed or suffer a block. I’ve got so many new ideas and eventually I’ll get them on paper, but for now, I’m going to take a break. Maybe catch up on shows and anime I’m behind on or even some games. I’m also about to be a working woman (finally), so that’ll also cut down my time. However, do understand that my writing will never stop and I’ll be back at it soon enough. Fan-fiction is also on the horizon, so get excited for that as well.

Finally, I just want to take this moment to thank everyone who’s been following the series, read it or even just supported me. I really appreciate it and when I recieve comments on my stories or posts, I’m so very happy. So seriously, thank you and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

[New Chapter][Chapter 6: When Everything Ends, the Toll is Paid, and the Angel of Death Shall Rise]-The Valkyrie War (Book 2)

Hey everyone! I’ve been able to get Chapter 6 done in just two days, a new record for me with this story! Check it out on movellas here! I’m just so excited for the developments and for the conclusion, which I still haven’t figured out exactly, crazy as it sounds lol. Despite this, I plan to write the final chapter over the next couple of days and perhaps the Epilogue as well. By the weekend, I’d like to close out the story, so let’s see how much I can keep up this current momentum. This chapter was pretty intense and lead to quite the confrontation(s). I hope you guys will enjoy it though and I’m pretty sure the finale will prove satisfactory too, though it’s probably not going to end how you think. It has that pesky tragedy tag after all…. Don’t be deterred however as even tragedies can have good endings. I’ll leave you to ponder that…

Also, just as a side comment, I never have wished I could draw more than I do right now as I would love to draw Elli as she looked in this chapter. I think I described her well and got the point across, but I’m not sure if my words could quite captured the level of hotness that she exudes in my head. (In case you didn’t realize, Elli’s my favorite… Don’t tell Amelia that though!) No, I love Amelia too, of course. Look forward to Amelia’s updated look, coming next chapter right at the start. She’ll look pretty good too I’m sure, but that Elli though….Okay, enough of me fangirling over my own heroines, please enjoy the chapter!

[New Chapter][Chapter 4/5: With the Fall of Tradition, Comes the Rise of Progress and Change/Past the Point of No Return; Love Withers]-The Valkyrie War (Book 2)

Hey everyone, I’ve released the chapters 4 and 5 of the Valkyrie War on Movellas and it can be read here! These two chapters lead up to the climax, which will happen next, in Chapter 6. Chapter 7 will be the fallout. Then an Epilogue will follow in Chapter 8. In other words, the end is fast approaching, so look forward to it. As always, I hope you’ll enjoy and thanks for reading!

Bound and The Grass is Greener Now Available in Print and Ebook!

Hey everyone, I have exciting news! Bound and The Grass is Greener, my two Romance novels, are now available through Amazon exclusively, in either Print or Ebook at the links below. For a limited time, if you buy either print book, you get the Ebook absolutely free! Some of you who have been earlier followers, will even notice that the covers have been changed and in my opinion, are perfect for both stories. I really hope you’ll support me and check them out and no matter which version you end up buying, all I ask is that you review. Review, review and review! That’s what I need most right now. Reviews and exposure, so please share it along to others you may know as well. Thank you in advanced and please look forward to more of my ongoing and new stories coming soon.

Bound (2)
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Update, Going Forward, Patreon and Commissions.

Hello everyone, I know it’s been a while since I’ve made a direct post, but life has been keeping me busy. I wanted to finally take the time, now that things are in order, to update everyone and discuss the changes going forward. It’s hard to say, but I still haven’t found work and so as long as that is the case, I can no longer continue the same way I was before, and this includes my writing practices. Let me make it clear now, I’m not going to stop writing, not ever, but I can no longer offer my stories for free on Movellas either. However, I don’t want to make them completely out of reach and so I decided the best method would be to leave the first books in a series up and only the first chapter of any sequels. This means The Valkyrie Princess and Trials of the Junsuikaoni Book 0 are still up in full, but The Valkyrie War and all remaining Trials books will only have 1 chapter up. So where do the rest of these chapters go? Well, that would be on my Patreon page.

All the removed chapters have been relocated to my Patreon page and are available to all members, even only at the $1 level. This means if you enjoyed those stories or if you were reading any of those stories, you may continue reading them for just a single dollar each month. I felt this was a fair compromise and I hope you all do too. This isn’t all you’ll get for your dollar however. You’ll also get bonus content, story extras, behind the scenes info and more exclusive access for just that one dollar. However, if you’re feeling even more generous, higher tier amounts give even better rewards, such as getting the new chapters and releases much earlier than the official release date, which will now be on the 1st of every month. Chapter 4 of the Valkyrie War is already up for that particular tier, where everyone else will have to wait until April 1st to read it. Also available will be commissions! from a couple of specific, space-limited tiers, you will be able to request commissions for written works on anything! Finally, on certain tiers, you’ll be eligible for monthly raffles for games, visual novels and other items. You can have all of these things for as little as $1 or up to $100 a month. Check out full details by following the link to my page here!

I’ve got a lot of new stories coming, as well as fanfiction and more, but all of this will only be available through Patreon going forward. I really hope you all will stick with me and understand why I had to make this difficult, but necessary change. I thank you in advanced for any and all support and even if you can’t commit yourself, please pass it on for others. Also, if you have any longer term commission requests, just send me a direct message on my twitter and we can discuss it. I hate to ask for donations without giving anything back, but if you are willing, you can make one time donations to my paypal here! Thanks again!

Also, I’ve decided since Bound and The Grass is Greener are published and can be bought on Amazon, I will no longer host them on Movellas at all. Please understand this decision as well.

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Hey everyone, I’ve been hard at work at creating a Discord server to connect with you all on a bit more personally. I’ve been wanting to get to know some of my more sociable followers on my blogs as well as some who I may not know as well. For those who are not familiar with discord, you can check out all the info about it here! You can download it for windows, mac, or mobile! Once you do that, you can sign up and join my server by following this link here. I’ll be on it often, so you can chat with me, play some games, listen to music and get to know other people with similar interests as well. I’ll also post my story releases and other anime related things there too. It’s kind of like an extension of my blog, but more social and fun…

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[New Chapter][Chapter 3: Believe in Me, Believe in You, but With These Lies, What Can We Do?]-The Valkyrie War (Act 2)

Hey everyone, I’ve just posted the latest chapter and it can be found here! As you may have noticed, I changed the book title and cover to The Valkyrie War from The Valkyrie Secret. This is because I realized I didn’t have enough material for two more books and so decided to combine it all into a second book. So The Valkyrie saga will be a two book series now and this second book will be about the same length. I hope you will enjoy it, as it’s a pretty serious chapter. Thanks as always!