[New Chapter][Chapter 2/3: Simon/Project Harmony]-Forever Friends


Hey everyone. Here’s Chapter 2 and 3 of Forever Friends. I  hope you enjoy them! I’ve also put some snippets below from each.



“Well, I wouldn’t say that Simon, because you’re special. Realism is what we’re going for of course, but the others, are never to believe they’re human. The purpose of all who follow you will be plain and simply to be the perfect lifetime companion. Your kind will become whatever they so desire, you will do whatever they request of you and you will devote your very existence to making them happy in such a way that they will never feel unfulfilled and therefore will be able to live as productive members of society. They will have no need to victimize others to get what they want from them, because your kind will already be providing it for them. They are essentially their other halves. They are their best friends, lovers and soulmates all in one package, and they will have them starting from infancy. They will be, their Forever Friends.”

“Then, will I also become a Forever Friend for another master, Master?” Simon asks.

“No, because you’ll be different from them Simon. I’ll never say this of any other humanoid, but I’ll make the exception for you. There’s no doubt that you, Simon, are human.”


“To us, this was what it meant to be soulmates, but we realized one fundamental flaw. Humans are rarely this perfect and even if they exist, they are almost impossible to find and most never do. We realized that at the root of all human nature, there is above all, the desire to be understood on a deeper level than ourselves. We want to connect and so we look for ourselves in others and we don’t find what we are looking for, we tend to hurt the other person, almost in spite of our own frustration. We take all our anger out on them and this is what causes such terrible heartbreak and pain between many failed couples. It’s what leaves to vengeful acts and mistreatment of others. When we are miserable, we want the rest of the world to be miserable too and this herein lies the biggest flaw of humanity. We want to be greater than what we are.”


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