Update, Going Forward, Patreon and Commissions.

Hello everyone, I know it’s been a while since I’ve made a direct post, but life has been keeping me busy. I wanted to finally take the time, now that things are in order, to update everyone and discuss the changes going forward. It’s hard to say, but I still haven’t found work and so as long as that is the case, I can no longer continue the same way I was before, and this includes my writing practices. Let me make it clear now, I’m not going to stop writing, not ever, but I can no longer offer my stories for free on Movellas either. However, I don’t want to make them completely out of reach and so I decided the best method would be to leave the first books in a series up and only the first chapter of any sequels. This means The Valkyrie Princess and Trials of the Junsuikaoni Book 0 are still up in full, but The Valkyrie War and all remaining Trials books will only have 1 chapter up. So where do the rest of these chapters go? Well, that would be on my Patreon page.

All the removed chapters have been relocated to my Patreon page and are available to all members, even only at the $1 level. This means if you enjoyed those stories or if you were reading any of those stories, you may continue reading them for just a single dollar each month. I felt this was a fair compromise and I hope you all do too. This isn’t all you’ll get for your dollar however. You’ll also get bonus content, story extras, behind the scenes info and more exclusive access for just that one dollar. However, if you’re feeling even more generous, higher tier amounts give even better rewards, such as getting the new chapters and releases much earlier than the official release date, which will now be on the 1st of every month. Chapter 4 of the Valkyrie War is already up for that particular tier, where everyone else will have to wait until April 1st to read it. Also available will be commissions! from a couple of specific, space-limited tiers, you will be able to request commissions for written works on anything! Finally, on certain tiers, you’ll be eligible for monthly raffles for games, visual novels and other items. You can have all of these things for as little as $1 or up to $100 a month. Check out full details by following the link to my page here!

I’ve got a lot of new stories coming, as well as fanfiction and more, but all of this will only be available through Patreon going forward. I really hope you all will stick with me and understand why I had to make this difficult, but necessary change. I thank you in advanced for any and all support and even if you can’t commit yourself, please pass it on for others. Also, if you have any longer term commission requests, just send me a direct message on my twitter and we can discuss it. I hate to ask for donations without giving anything back, but if you are willing, you can make one time donations to my paypal here! Thanks again!

Also, I’ve decided since Bound and The Grass is Greener are published and can be bought on Amazon, I will no longer host them on Movellas at all. Please understand this decision as well.


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