I’m finally on Archive of Our Own! + Hibike fanfics!

For those fanfic fans out there.


Hey everyone, I’m excited to announce I’ve finally gotten an Archive of Our Own account and this will be where I post any and all fanfics! You can follow me on there if you’d like, my profile page is here! Also, I’ve posted two Hibike! fanfics, so those interested can check those out as well. One is an AsuKumi/AsuKo fanfic, the other is KumiRei. To be honest, I’m a bit torn over the two ships, but I still consider AsuKumi canon and so most Hibike fics will be on them. However, KumiRei is still important to me, so I’ll do more on them too. I’m going to upload my Erased fanfiction soon as well. All three of these are already on Movellas, but going forward, expect any and all fanfic I write to be on AO3, with the exception of competition works. I hope you’ll enjoy them and all…

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