Let’s Give the World More LGBT Friendly Literature That Everyone Can Enjoy!

Hello everyone, I know I haven’t been as active in the last few days, but that’s because I was working hard on setting things up, the biggest being my new Patreon. I’ve been looking for a way to really get my writing out there to wider audiences all while doing what I love and so I’m hoping this may be a good way while also getting some much needed support. I love writing and so I’m not going to stop doing so and sharing my work, but I really need a new laptop to do so as my current one is just not as efficient anymore. I’d be much more productive and efficient if I upgraded and so that’s the big goal I have for this Patreon and I hope people would be willing to help out.

I won’t take up space writing my full pitch out here, so instead I’ll leave the link here for you to check out the page for yourself. The world needs more LGBT friendly literature that includes gay people in natural and supportive ways on equal grounds  with heterosexuals and that’s what I aim to do with my writing. It’s not just for gay people, but for everyone to enjoy, without making the LGBT themes such a big deal. It’s a natural aspect of our world and so I feel it should come just as naturally, where no one will bat an eye simply because a girl likes another girl or guy likes another guy or if a guy or girls feels they are the opposite sex. That’s simply life and it’s time that everyone comes to terms with that so that we can all live together peacefully. At the end of the day, it’s not the orientation of a story’s cast that matters, but the story itself that’s being told. So I hope you might join me on this venture, but even if you can’t, please share this with other people who may be interested. Thank you kindly.


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