Daily Novel Feature: Bound-[Chapter 23 Snippet]

Hello everyone, today’s feature is Bound again, which can be read for free here or bought as an ebook on Amazon Kindle or Nook Press. This is a short snippet of Chapter 23 that has stayed with me. Please enjoy and thanks as always!


She didn’t think he’d actually hear it, but felt the need to say it anyway, as if it’d make her conscious any less heavy. However, unbeknownst to her, Roman did hear those final words, just as he’d heard all her other pleas as he sat with his back against the door. Closing the door in her face was the hardest thing he’s ever had to do and he had to fight the urge to open it back up several times as she stood there waiting. But he fought the urge because he knew that enough was enough. He’s been lying to himself, thinking it was going to just work out if he tried hard enough and if they were together long enough, but he can see now that he was wrong. They’ve been living this lie for years and he knows that this is a battle he’s never going to win, so it’s best if he just cuts the ties with a clean break rather than a messy one. He’s done trying to ignore the truth. Jenny loves Kale and no amount of time or effort on his part is ever going to change that, but even knowing this, it still hurts like hell. He places his head in his hands and finally allows himself to cry away years of pain and the loss of the best thing he never had.


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