Daily Novel Feature: The Valkyrie Princess-[Chapter 5 Snippet]

Hell o everyone, today’s feature is from The Valkyrie Princess, my ongoing Sci-Fi Fiction novel. It can be read for free on Movellas here! I hope you enjoy and thanks as always!


The tension reaches its peak as everyone’s eyes settle on the band, sitting on the table like a loaded gun. However, Elli and Almyra maintain their gazes, neither being deterred by it. They stare daggers at each other, like a test of will and who will cave first. However, both hold strong.

“As I thought, you are not easily intimidated. But my question stands, who do you wish to be Elli? I can tell you everything about yourself if you wish, but only if you know exactly who you are. In other words, do you wish to rise above, or will you fall to the temptations. Choose Elli.”


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