[New Chapter][Chapter 6: We Build and We Break; No One Ever Said It Was Easy]- The Valkyrie Princess (Sci-Fi Romance Fiction Novel)

Hello there, this is Tanique and since this is the first time sharing a new chapter to this specific blog, I thought I’d introduce the process. Previously I’d been posting each new chapter I completed for my ongoing stories on my original blog and would give a bit of an explanation on what to expect from the chapter or to give my thoughts. Now that this blog has become my official writing blog, I will resume this process here, but picking up just where I left off with this chapter. Be sure to follow or subscribe to keep up with my new chapters as I post them, especially if you really like a story. Thanks and enjoy!


Hello everyone!, I have completed the latest chapter of The Valkyrie Princess and it can be read on movellas for free here! This chapter took a really long time and I’m sorry about that, but I just wanted to make sure it was right. I also was in the middle of a huge transition as I’m sure you all know now, so that made it difficult to get it done as well. However, I think you’re going to find this chapter very interesting and maybe even a bit heartbreaking, but it’s all necessary to the plot. With this chapter, we reach the end of Act 1, which primarily focused on Elli and now just as I promised, Act 2 is going to focus more on Amelia as the MC. We’ll get to see her life as it is being the Valkyrie Princess as well as meet a plethora of new and interesting characters that will become very important in the final act, when the conflict really takes center stage. This story is taking it’s time to build up both sides of the coin, but I assure you it’s going to lead to quite the explosive final act that will make up for any of the slow parts. In between that though, we’ll still get to see plenty of fluff on the romance side, just with different pairings then you might expect. The next chapter will be released soon and will be an intermission, focusing completely on Navi and Makena, won’t that be exciting? As always I really appreciate you all taking the time to read my story and the comments I’ve received praising it really brings me more joy than you know. I’ll keep doing my best to portray lgbt relationships well, while giving you a great sci-fi story with romance and a bit of tragedy. Never fear though, I promise it won’t be a real tragedy, hence why it’s not classified as such and happy times will come again. I really hope you enjoy and thanks again!


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