Daily Novel Feature: The Grass is Greener-[Chapter 15 Snippet]

Today’s feature is from The Grass is Greener. It’s my first full length short story that I published as an ebook on Amazon and can be bought here. It can also be read for free hereThe Grass is Greener. This isn’t my best work, but it was the first story I completed in full a few years ago, so it’s still a proud accomplishment.

We keep getting farther and farther away from the boat, and the people calling our names on the ship get farther and farther away. Just as I thought it was over and we were going to die, as if by the grace of god or someone, a large square of wood floated up to me. I lifted Amber up onto it and then tried to get on next to her, but it was too light to hold us both. So I got off and just hung on to it with my arms. I’d been in here a little less time than her and I was alert, so I would last longer in the water. But I continued to stroke my legs back and forth so that I could warm myself as much as possible.

Amber opened her eyes for a moment and I looked at her. “It’s going to be ok Amber; we’re going to be ok.” I’m not sure if she heard me because her eyes closed again and didn’t reopen.

So I just laid my head onto the board and let the current take us where it would. I almost even laughed at the idea that this could end up like the Titanic, which would really suck. I try not to think that way though. They knew we were out here and hopefully they’d find us or we will hit land before the deadly Atlantic consumes us.


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